Tuesday, 11 November 2008


At least from our perspective, the First World War has to be the most pointless war as well as being one of the most badly run. It was, however, billed as the war to end war.

It might be argued by some that the Second World War was justifiable; but that is to overlook the cock up that was made of ending the first.

Other wars appear to me t be the outcome of war-mongering.

This morning, Hutton, the UK Minister for War, said that current wars - Iraq and Afghanistan - were fought for the same reasons as WWI which he outlined as something like defence of our way of life etc - the usual bollocks. He was, therefore, rewriting what we know of WWI.

Or perhaps he is admitting that these wars are a colossal waste of life - not just the 100+ UK soldiers dead but far more dead on the part of the countries' civilians - is being repeated - a waste of energy and life in order to make the bomb makers and the fools in power feel good