Saturday, 23 February 2013

Gideon Osborne named Buffoon of the Year

Well what a tub of lard buffoon Gideon Osborne the chancellor of expectoration now shows himself. Though we had guessed.
Having pursued a course that has ended in a way that even theclown Balls could see, he says the result proves that he is right to do it and that he will do more of it.
What's worse, apparently, this gives a substantial part of the bovine electorate confidence in his ability with the economy

Friday, 15 February 2013

Gove is mostly horse say scientists

It did not come as a surprise to me that Michael Gove may be as much as 70% minced horse.
I don't see many horses now. There used to be a stables near my house; but it closed to make way for cars.
However, I see them when I walk, and try to have conversations; and quite a few years ago now I spent around a month on the Lizard peninsula and, every morning, walked past a field in which there stood a horse and its foal.
They had food supplements brought to them in buckets. It was their habit, having finished that food to get the buckets on to their heads and stand there, sometimes shaking their heads, mostly not.
Alerted by this, I have looked out for similar behaviour elsewhere, and it does seem quite a widespread practice, as if horses tend to like to try to get into the bucket just to make sure it really is empty.
They are not that bright.
And when I look at Gove or hear him, I think of those horses with buckets on their heads.
Horses of course are straightforward unmendacious creatures.

Monday, 11 February 2013

The welfare of foxes -- a cull is needed urgently

The case of the fox which has been accused of attacking a child is an indication of an urgent problem that needs solving.

As the mayor of London has said, these creatures "may appear cuddly and romantic” but they are “a pest and a menace, particularly in our cities."

I would add to that they are noisy and destructive and spread disease in their unregulated emission of faeces. They are an economic burden in an overpopulated country. It is high time that we culled children so that foxes can go about their business undisturbed by ignorant human beings.

head in the cloud

The above is a message I received from The Cloud. They are a bunch of chancers offering poor connectivity in cafes. I complained today that it had taken 9 minutes this morning from being "connected" to being offered a login page, during which time they told me that their own website did not exist.

I await their bullshit reply.

Then the screen cleared and I got this. Oops, which they can't spell, appears to have become an all purpose grunt along with with no problem. I find it patronising, particularly when I got there by following one of their own links.

It reminds me a young schmuck who let me down recently and got very angry when I told him that and snarled "well I didnt leave enough time did I" as if that made it ok. i.e. it is always someone else's fault.

The key to this damaged thought may be seen in their belief that something can be either "not here" or have been moved.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

You blocks you stones you worse than senseless things

There is a bank system called 3d verification system. It is a piece of junk. It works intermittently. I have been unable to do wonderful things promised by the internet because the tosspots employed by the banks cannot program properly.

It has cost me cheap tickets on FGW and skybus. FGW and skybus say nothing to do with them; it's the bank. The bank says nothing to do with them it's the company.

So no error is ever reported and they say Well Mr Upton no one else has complained.

That is, they refuse to record the complaint.

Morgan Computers have now installed it.

They seem to know it doesn't work because as they ask you to use it, they say if it doesn't work you might like to try something else.

I just used and typed in the correct data. It said it wasn't correct. I did it again and then it said "an error occurred". Notice the impersonal language. No one's fault. It just happened. They say.

So I can't buy the item these dumb oxen want to sell.

I wasted all the time registering with them.

As I came away, figuratively, I found an email comfirming my registration and confirming my password -- in plain text.

They make us jump through security hoops that don't work and then send secure data in plain text.

Moronic doesn't really begin to say it