Sunday, 10 February 2013

You blocks you stones you worse than senseless things

There is a bank system called 3d verification system. It is a piece of junk. It works intermittently. I have been unable to do wonderful things promised by the internet because the tosspots employed by the banks cannot program properly.

It has cost me cheap tickets on FGW and skybus. FGW and skybus say nothing to do with them; it's the bank. The bank says nothing to do with them it's the company.

So no error is ever reported and they say Well Mr Upton no one else has complained.

That is, they refuse to record the complaint.

Morgan Computers have now installed it.

They seem to know it doesn't work because as they ask you to use it, they say if it doesn't work you might like to try something else.

I just used and typed in the correct data. It said it wasn't correct. I did it again and then it said "an error occurred". Notice the impersonal language. No one's fault. It just happened. They say.

So I can't buy the item these dumb oxen want to sell.

I wasted all the time registering with them.

As I came away, figuratively, I found an email comfirming my registration and confirming my password -- in plain text.

They make us jump through security hoops that don't work and then send secure data in plain text.

Moronic doesn't really begin to say it

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