Friday, 15 February 2013

Gove is mostly horse say scientists

It did not come as a surprise to me that Michael Gove may be as much as 70% minced horse.
I don't see many horses now. There used to be a stables near my house; but it closed to make way for cars.
However, I see them when I walk, and try to have conversations; and quite a few years ago now I spent around a month on the Lizard peninsula and, every morning, walked past a field in which there stood a horse and its foal.
They had food supplements brought to them in buckets. It was their habit, having finished that food to get the buckets on to their heads and stand there, sometimes shaking their heads, mostly not.
Alerted by this, I have looked out for similar behaviour elsewhere, and it does seem quite a widespread practice, as if horses tend to like to try to get into the bucket just to make sure it really is empty.
They are not that bright.
And when I look at Gove or hear him, I think of those horses with buckets on their heads.
Horses of course are straightforward unmendacious creatures.

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