Monday, 11 February 2013

head in the cloud

The above is a message I received from The Cloud. They are a bunch of chancers offering poor connectivity in cafes. I complained today that it had taken 9 minutes this morning from being "connected" to being offered a login page, during which time they told me that their own website did not exist.

I await their bullshit reply.

Then the screen cleared and I got this. Oops, which they can't spell, appears to have become an all purpose grunt along with with no problem. I find it patronising, particularly when I got there by following one of their own links.

It reminds me a young schmuck who let me down recently and got very angry when I told him that and snarled "well I didnt leave enough time did I" as if that made it ok. i.e. it is always someone else's fault.

The key to this damaged thought may be seen in their belief that something can be either "not here" or have been moved.

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