Saturday, 1 September 2012


QUIETbox is an exciting product from Plebchews, makers of innovative breads for the masses since 2004, and of KIDshush, the combined gag (for peace and quiet) and soporific (for humane kindness).

QUIETbox packs down small and is terribly light so there's no problem carrying it; but it pops up quickly into a soundproof container for that noisy child. Use it with KIDshush and you won't even know if the brat wakes up.

No more screams, no more squawks, no more arguments. Is it contradicting you? Is it bothering you? Into the QUIETbox. Ah peace at last.

And now there is QUIETbox ULTRA – all the benefits of QUIETbox PLUS Sleepytime, the wifi euthanasia solution for all harassed parents. (Ask for KIDsnuff in N America) NB use of QUIETbox may breach some local laws.

QUIETbox, KIDshush and Plebchews: a great team.

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