Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Religion News

As the propositions of the fool Iain Duncan Smith come under greater attack, he relies on the approach of the cleric. Argued into a corner on his own terms on Today a few weeks ago, he virtually shouted “But I believe it”.
I think I am right in saying that our army is currently fighting a war in Afghanistan against people who have adopted the same mode of logic
More recently on some programme or other on Radio 4 Esther McVey uttered the same words to sidestep the requested response to a similar demolition of some crap she had uttered. When it was a television presenter Ms McVey presented The Heaven and Earth Show
Today Mr Andrew Coyne, in The Business Desk 12th November 2013, reports Michael Heseltine as follows: "All over the world governments are making decisions about a future which they cannot predict but in which they believe."

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