Tuesday, 28 February 2012

C of E

So they've smashed up the camp at St Paul's. Well, one knew they would. They're as predictable as any fatal disease.
Doctor, tell us, how long have we got?
Well, it depends on how they judge when making an attack upon us will do least damage to their own reputations.
I listened to the descriptions of heavies damaging the tents deliberately as they moved them - tearing and ripping. I bet that isn't written in the law they used. That's just understood as a small reward for doing harm to others on behalf of Money.
According to the report I heard (still listening to Today R4; well, it is Lent) some of the camp were still trying to explain their case to the police.
This is the police force which held Jean Charles de Menezes down while one of them shot him, and still missed several times. And they're trying to talk.
The C of E were not there. Would you not wait one hour with me? asked Christ.
Well, dear boy, it was past my bedtime.
I was in bed too, but I don't really call myself a Christian

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