Tuesday, 28 February 2012


LinkedIn demanded I say where I am a freelance artist. This struck me as a dumb question. More there is something a little unhealthy in the way that the system badgers for information one may not wish to give.
As a related aside, there are the tv licence inspectors -- I don't have a tv and they suspect me. They insist that I confirm every so often that I have no tv and submit to an inspection of my home.
Do they think I am lying? I ask in writing. They don't answer. This is the Vermin's way of arguing it is not a liar; and also its way of dealing with a situation it can't control totally. I believe it used to be called "dumb insolence" in the military.
They insist and I ask them under what regulation they make their demand. They never answer. They can't. They do not have the authority. They blag their way in.
Some investigation.
Anyway, LinkedIn, for all its many qualities, wants to know where I am a freelance artist; and we reached a compromise whereby I accepted "Lawrence Upton is a freelance artist at Lawrence Upton"
The stupidity of that offended me this morning when I saw it while I was doing something else there. It wouldn't let me change it.
Not only would it not let me but it claimed I was in ERROR. If I ignored that, it left things as they were. I felt as outraged as I did yesterday when my Win7 PC told me I do not have sufficient privileges to do something. "I'm your superuser," I thought; but it doesn't have ESP.
I tried saying I am a freelance artist at a statement of their stupidity. Wouldn't have it. At Error? No. So no one call your company "error" in case it upsets an uppety machine's programmer.
Finally, I offered it Worldwide Domination Inc; and, interestingly, it found that perfectly acceptable.

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