Friday, 24 May 2013

DUNGHEADS OF THE YEAR 2011, 2012 announced

I can confirm that the first Lawrence Upton DUNGHEAD OF THE YEAR is that irresponsible, greedy corporation EDF, pioneers in the Onanisation of Administration and experts in Modern British Communication. So dedicated are they to these causes that we have backdated the date of the first award of its kind to 2011, so that they were officially dungheads even before the condition was diagnosed.

More information will be provided over the coming days to make clear how far they exceeded the expectations of the judge and drew away from the contenders Southern Railway, London Borough of Sutton, The Cloud, Sutton & East Surrey Water Co and various others

No mere Wankers Manqué, they have shown that there is scope for Tosspotism and Faecal Head Syndrome on a megalomaniacal scale in today's business world.

EDF, every dreary farthead. Congratulate them!

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