Saturday, 18 May 2013

Tories & UKIPs

As I said yesterday, I almost gave up, at least in terms of this blog. What is the point of saying anything; you just get verbal vomit back except in a few cases. Coming off the train today, a man stood in the cattle gate the train company uses to check tickets and stood there. After a while he looked for his ticket and put it in the wrong orifice – how does the human race manage to procreate? - and then trotted on, part of the herd again. It occurs to me that dairy cattle are better at using human-designed gates than humans.
A large minority of the larger herd known as the electorate voted at the last General Election for the Conservatives, the party of the moneyed, the liars and the obscene. They did so on the basis of prejudice, apparently believing the nasty promises they were told.
The promises have only been partially kept, thank the vacuum, but the result has been what any rational thinker would expect. The electorate of course chooses to believe in their religious way and it is now, in its multicellular sludge of a consciousness, become dissatisfied; and, in protest, is voted for UKIP. I recall – I often do – Joyce's Stephen Daedalus responding to the proposal that he become a Protestant: I said I had lost my faith, niot myself-respect.
It is a measure of the stupidity which has given the Conservatives power in our travesty of the idea of democracy that UKIP is now in the ascendant.

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