Tuesday, 20 November 2012

BBC Bias

Newsday BBC World Service early today included an interview with a young Palestinian blogger in Gaza. She was telling them what it is like to live in Gaza. They interrupted her and asked: Yes, but what is it like? She said: I am telling you. And continued.
They interrupted her and asked if she supported Hamas.
She said it isn't that simple and continued.
They interrupted her and said: No, say yes or no.
She said it isnt that simple and continued.
They interrupted her and said: I can't understand you. Answer yes or no.
She continued.
They interrupted her and said: I am sorry we have run out of time.
The diction and phrasing of what she said were for sure familiar; but she wasn't programmed. She knew what she was saying and clearly understood what they were doing.
She was no more programmed than the official Israeli spokespersons who are left to practice their reasonable men accents on us at length.
This is how the Nazis did it, I believe.
One of the spokespersons said: Israelis just want to live normal lives
Like the settlers in America who are portrayed as muttering “murdering redskins” when their repro Euro lives were disrupted by dispossessed Americans.
In fact some of those films might be a rehearsal for the fib of a 2 state solution.
One of the Israeli Reasonable Men yesterday always referred to his people as Israelis, which is appropriate because they could give Jewish people a bad name. But whenever he spoke about Israelis being hurt, he referred to them as Jewish.
And so it continues. Maybe Jim'll fix it.
There doesn't appear to be any complaint system clearly displayed.