Saturday, 24 November 2012

Cougar Elinux

I just had a message to a colleague bounce.
He'd said he was having trouble.
But this email from says that he has exceeded his mailbox quota. That could explain a few things.
I noticed though that it also says “Spam detection software, running on the system "", has  identified this incoming email as possible spam.” and this would seem to be a message that was in the process of being sent to my colleague when the bounce cut in.
I went to their website and found that the sender is listed as “low trust”. Whether that applies to my mail provider or to me is unclear; they are writing in jargon to people who do not know their usage so they earn a few ignorance points there.
I went to their website and found that “low trust” in their private language is the default for most systems.
So someone is being paid to monitor mail for spam and their method is to say that any particular message is probably spam because most email is.
There was nothing in the message to suspect spam. They quoted it and drew attention to nothing. It was all based on origin, which a machine looks up in a list, a list written by a machine devised by a dog turd in a suit.
I think the people taking the profit have earned the right to wear the I am a frequent wanker t-shirt
Well done Cougar Elinux