Monday, 11 June 2012

How to walk (1) Be mindful of your selfishness

Hi there, soon-to-be-successful person.
I say that because you have just embarked on a course of professional reading that is bound to enhance your career, if you follow it.
So, let's get started.
If I ask you "Why do we walk?" and you answer anything about getting places or taking exercise, then you have some learning to do if you want to be successful.
But, don't worry; I'm here to help.
Friend, the reason that we walk is the same reason that we do anything: to impose our will on other people's minds, so that we can be sure that we come out on top.
There's no disputing it. If, after thought, you disagree with me, then you're on the wrong course; and we should part now, with no hard feelings -- as long as you get out of my way when we meet.
Only kidding.
But let's hope that you do see at least something in what I say. That feeling will grow, I assure you.
Here's your homework. There are hundreds, no thousands, of my ex students right across these standardised countries of ours who have found that I have the answer to success. Success by walking.
Here is your first task; but it is not assessed.
Be aware (what the Buddhists call "mindful") of all the walking you do today; and consider how you could have made people more aware of your presence in the way that you did it if you were just to make a few innovations.
Then we can move on to Chapter 2.

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