Monday, 25 June 2012

Something for nothing

David Cameron wants benefit to be cut because it produces a something for nothing culture. He says.

I thought that was Capitalism. You get to be prime minister because you are good at advertising. You get to be chancellor of the exchequer because you are rich. You all waffle about wealth creation which you explain needs no explanation beyond it being what you do and not what the generality do.

The warm up to this bullshit speech has been the remark that people should be at work. Some of them, yes. Sensible, rewarded work is good for us if we can do it. Just now, however, there is no work because of the something for nothing attitude of Capitalism. \It's got pretty well all there and, for some reason, wants more before it will risk anything.

That's the trouble with emphasising individuals rather than community: it builds in a greed bias.

But none of the interviewers is asking "what work?"

Nor is anyone remarking: "It sounds as though you have a population policy. What is your population policy?"

Apparently it's ok to have lots of children as long as you can pay for them.

Not so.

Nor is anyone pointing out to these shameless lying shites that we all pay in for "benefits" and the benefits should not be up for discussion. If they want to change them in the future, then they need a decent argument, not one based on the prejudices of the chewing-the-cud electorate; and in the meantime they can pay the bill themselves out of their stolen money

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