Saturday, 2 June 2012

I am rather pleased with the verdict on Mubarak -- in so far as I am able to judge.
Now perhaps we could see the net spread a little wider. Blair and Bush occur to me. Not the same as Mubarak; but maybe not all that different. And there are some rather disturbing things being said and done in Israel, which are surprisingly like things that were said and done about and to Jews in Europe in the 1930s; but then if you set up a state on racial principles then you are likely to get racism.
The worry with the Mubarak trial is that there may be a tendency to say "Well, we've dealt with that" when really there has just been a beginning.
His imprisonment, if they stick to it, is likely to be as comfortable as he can be given his health, if his health is really poor.
The people he killed will still be dead; and most of the people who did the killing will still be free.

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