Wednesday, 30 May 2012


Citizen A: Madam, is it possible that you could keep your child quieter?
Citizen B: What am I supposed to do?
Citizen A: What have I just asked you
Citizen B: And I have just asked you
Citizen A: Have you no idea how to start?
Citizen B: What?
Citizen A: Use your parenting skills
Citizen B: What for?
Citizen A: To keep your child quieter
Citizen B: He's not making any noise
Citizen A: It's making a lot of noise, a noise like a loud parrot
Citizen B: It's He not It
Citizen A: Parrots are it
Citizen B: He's a human boy
Citizen A: Then, using your parenting skills, keep him quiet so that he doesn't make a noise like a parrot
Citizen B: No one minds.
Citizen A: Oh they do
Citizen B: You mind and I don't care about you
Citizen A: That much is apparent. So, you only pay attention to those people who agree with you?
Citizen B: All children make a noise
Citizen A: No. Many are taught to behave
Citizen B: Are you saying that I haven't brought up my son properly?
Citizen A: I don't want to go into the reasons. I just want the parrot sounds to stop
Citizen B: Stop calling my son a parrot
Citizen A: Stop him squawking like one then
Citizen B: I'm not staying here
Citizen A: Take the parrot please

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