Thursday, 10 May 2012

The Cloud and Sky Arts

I have spoken of The Cloud before: they provide an imitation of efficient wifi to Cafe Nero.

It's much the same every day; only every day it's different. The result of an attitude somewhere between "that's good enough" and "they'll think it's their fault".

It intervenes if you try to connect to the internet. Only sometimes it doesn't intervene properly. So I had to load my browser three times before it deigned to respond -- the way you have to shout some times when people get in the way and stand still.

It takes a while to load because they clutter their page with pictures and logos.

This morning, when it finally loaded, I had to click _get on line_ 7 times before it reacted; and it took me to another page which offered that _get on line_. That took 5 clicks.

Then it offered me the login page. I logged in and it welcomed me.  And that's the end of what they do, beyond being officious; they don't seem to know how to hold the URL you gave the browser and take you there.

[If you forget your password, they ask for your email address and then take you to a page... where they ask for your email address.]

So I typed in the URL and... it invited me to login to The Cloud.

So I logged in for the second time; and typed in my URL for the second time; started work and, within minutes, it cut me off. I logged in again; and 15 minutes later it cut me off.

And every time you login, it says WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF SKY ARTS.


That's Sky Arts as in Sky Elbow.

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