Sunday, 27 May 2012

New blind trap in London Borough of Sutton

I am having difficulty loading a photo of a London Borough of Sutton blind trap. I have a few ideas; but for now shall merely describe the object.
It is on the north side of Carshalton Road where it crosses the High Street. The motor and pedestrian traffic is high there at all times; and it is a nice place to trip and perhaps injure  these parasites who have not shown the enterprise to be able to see.
I first noticed it some weeks ago when it was some kind of control box covered by a traffic cone, good enough in its way, but not what you'd call innovative.
I like the way they keep changing the appearance of these traps as they elaborate them.
Then, after a while, some workmen came along and dug a hole. They covered the hole with a board and put plastic fencing that's easily knocked over around it. That's more like it.
But there's more. They put a sign outside it, a metal sign, directing pedestrians around it. Very useful for catching the blind and poorly-sighted! Serves them right.
That stayed that way for nearly a fortnight, with the metal sign sometimes inside the fencing, sometimes outside face down, beautifully dangerous, and only rarely in a position to be read.
That's what the photo shows, taken towards the end of the period that the trap has been active.
Now they have erected a big steel pole in it, concreted it in and left it. I imagine the pole is for a street light. Or that'll be the cover. It's been there for some days. The whole is still quite deep and could cause some useful injuries.
Now the beauty of this approach is that it can be defended with really convincing arguments such as: “It's not my fault. I said it was there and needed more work and it's not my job to chase it up” & “We didn't knock the sign over; blame those  did” and so on.
Any objection to this sort of thing is easily countered by “You want to live in utopia”
Here's to The Big Society.

Update: 30th May a.m. Nothing has changed, still a dangerous hole surrounded by dangerous bric-a-brac in the middle of a main thoroughfare. The sign warning sighted people was in a new place so that any cunning blind scrounger can't benefit from learning.

Update: 11th June evening. Nothing has changed. Sensibly the metal sign is now being laid on the floor and moved around so that the blind and disabled scroungers can't learn where the danger is. None of the plastic walls is standing any longer, but all lean in on each other, causing as high a risk as possible.

Here's to London Borough of Sutton. 4 weeks and counting.

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