Saturday, 12 May 2012

frack Shell

I went to a talk by a man from Shell on the subject of fracking the other night.
He assured us it was all ok.
I have to say he was very very good at EMC (English to Mislead Clients) but he also did go into a lot of detail on the geology as geology.
I'm not sure how sincere he was in saying that he was trying to communicate with everyone because he used a great many acronyms; and my judgment of his competence is such that I do not think that was a mistake. He was telling us: this is very clever stuff which I understand; so you can trust me.
At the end he showed us some kind of a 5 point commitment that Shell make to us, the victims. There was a drawing of a footprint, presumably to indicate the footprint... I didn't listen. I didn't wait for questions; I knew he'd wriggle out of them.
And to some extent it went out of my head.
And then someone sent me the following from Center for Biological Diversity in USA


Shell Oil has done it again. The oil giant just filed another lawsuit against the
Center for Biological Diversity and 13 other environmental groups who are trying to
protect the Arctic from dangerous drilling.

I wanted you to hear it from us first -- and know what we're doing about it.

The Center's blocked every offshore drilling proposal in the Arctic since 2007.
Shell knows we're effective, so it's trying to take us out with another preemptive

But we're not going to be scared off by outrageous lawsuits. We're fighting on every
front to stop Shell's plans to drill in the Arctic this summer.

In fact we just filed a legal challenge against air permits that would allow the
company to do just that.

The pristine Arctic -- home to polar bears, walruses and seals -- is too fragile to
turn into an oil-drilling industrial zone with pollution, oil spills and lasting

But Shell is determined to drill. Its latest lawsuit targets our work to enforce
laws protecting marine mammals like whales and seals from the devastating impacts of
sound from drilling.

In its first suit, the oil giant is also trying to get us to pay its legal fees,
which will likely run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

We won't be bullied by Shell. The Arctic is just too important to hand over to oil

Thank you for standing with us to fight these obnoxious intimidation lawsuits. The
Center will stay in this fight for as long as it takes to keep the Arctic, and all
its wild inhabitants, alive.

We'll keep you updated as we move ahead to protect the Arctic and fight off Shell's
suits against the Center and our allies.

Thanks for standing with us.

Kieran Suckling
Executive Director
Center for Biological Diversity

P.S. The Center's been fighting to protect the Arctic and its incredible wildlife
for more than a decade. You can read on our website about what we're doing now to
stop the Far North from being destroyed.


Instead of going to their website, I went to Shell's and typed in “fracking”... now the other night this senior man from shell was using the term as every other word, how it was the only way, and it's all under control. But that was the Geological Society.

Go to their website as a pleb and you'll find that there are no pages at all mentioning the subject.

Now there is a funny thing.

I think their silence says it all.

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