Monday, 7 May 2012

Cloud day

Further to my post of 27th April...

Click Neg persists in his delusion that the only way to save us all from something is to save himself.

In that he will  be successful. The humiliation which awaits him will not penetrate.

Frankie Holland says he'll change everything and the many cheer. Sour Cosy shows that he always could fake humility but just couldn't be arsed until he saw advantage in it.

The LABOURed sTORIES still insist they can interpret the runes of public opinion - "what the public is telling us is..."

And the BSkyB clowns at the cloud continue to provide a substandard service. It just threw me off the net for no apparent reason and then announced that my password is incorrect. It wasn't. I remember worrying it was insecure -- bastards. Well, it's changed to something much more complex. Much good may it do me. Every day it seems I waste time coping with the incompetence of their dunghead coders.

Which brings as us back to STORY I T policy which conflates writing a small spreadsheet and writing a profitable adventure game.

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