Friday, 4 May 2012

The elect

Well the electorate, some of it, has had its mutters and mumbles and the sold mouths have been on the radio -- and on the tv, I am sure; but what would I know of that? --  telling us what it means, sometimes in great detail. They are generally talking shit.
Harriet Harman wasn't so bad as she has been this morning.
Hague was jabbering about cutting the debt left by the dreadful labour government within seconds.
I went for a piss and let fly a few farts. That got rid of him.
And now we carry on.
A few corrupt MPs have suffered; but most survive, voting with the pre-pack.
One tells us we are as guilty as the banks for cooperating with the banks.
Now that...
I could condemn him, call for flogging and crucifixion; but let's take it as it stands; and say therefore all the MPs who have ever cooperated with the sales of arms or in encouraging corrupt regimes, including our own, are, as he says, consenting adults and guilty of complicity in terrible crimes.
Now we can talk about punishment

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