Saturday, 9 June 2012

Too many noise and shit machines

I read the other day that the father of Boris Johnson, the fool of London said that we need to reduce the population.
Well, I agree completely. That is, we are overpopulated and need to do something about it.
His solution, as it was reported, was to control immigration; but then, as he suggested that 15 million might be a sensible maximum for this country, I question his analysis.
Quite what he was talking about or why anyone should listen to him is not available to me.
But the idea of a low target population – presumably in some generations – is attractive.
It would make a lot of problems – like energy and food – much less problematic.
To cope with the large and enlarging population we have we are being told that we must accept factory farming and nuclear energy.
And we are told that modern versions of these are really quite ok
Apparently housing still covers the ground it stands on.
It seems to me that we could get energy by harnessing all the flying pigs around here and then eat them when they are worn out.
If we are not prepared to make use of the pigs that fly out of the bullshit, we might try birth control.
People who believe it is wrong to control birth would have to be put to silence; and not before time.
The idea that we are so much in God's image that he wants to see more and more of us irritates me intensely. I am tired by the vast numbers of noise-and-shit machines being wheeled round by the electorate. There's no bloody room, you morons

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