Monday, 19 March 2012


I've noticed this word coming back in the last few days. It means or meant, as far as I can tell, using the same money over and over so that it bubbles and persuades you that it is worth much more than it is, beyond all standard, even the shit standard. Jugoslavia did that through the eighties -- Serbia lent to Croatia who lent to -- all the way round, till say Slovenia lent to Serbia who lent to Croatia.

Then the USA did it in a much more er leveraged way.

Now it is being used widely, a very fashionable idiocy.

One gets letters that initiate discussion with the words "I can confirm" though nothing has been mentioned before; because confirm is thought posher and more impressive than tell you.

And many other words. That one just occurs to me.

Now it's leveraging.

On Today (R4) today it was leveraging the costs of improving roads by tolls and other scams. Leveraging? Like what brought about the collapse of faith in the money system? But what does it mean here?

None of the famous Today interviewers asked.

Nor did they challenge an assertion that improved roads will get us out of the recession.

I thought the recession  was a product of loss of faith in money due to leveraging, not because the roads are so narrow they need leveraging.

Oh and the Post Office needs modernising. That'll be good, won't it. Well... it depends what modernising means. No one asked.

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