Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Water and fools

Congratulations to the inhabitants of the Sutton & East Surrey Water Company area

for as long as I can remember they have been having an excessive number of baths,  hosing their gardens which they then encourage to dry up by removing all the ground cover, digging up the trees, treading on and driving over the grass, using their cars when there is good public transport, voting for people who will not improve public transport, washing their cars with hosepipes, paying the council to pick up their compostable material and  deliver it as compost -- vehicle moved both ways -- and so on

and they have been rewarded -- we now have the  worst drought anyone can remember; a hosepipe ban in before the winter's done

definite growth in something, thank god

and where I live certainly the word is that anthropogenic global warming is a very doubtful idea and there's really no evidence -- anyway, I must go, I must put on the washing machine

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