Wednesday, 7 March 2012


I continue to keep an eye on how we are being wired up for the future. It is of course being led by the private sector insentivised by profit.
Today's example is wifi_paragon.
It took a long time to load itself and then invited me to enter. I clicked and nothing happened. I clicked again, waiting for some time. After 15 attempts, I gave up.
I was ready to give up. The operating system had sent me messages amounting to: you are going to load that!? Do you know how insecure it is?!
In the few minutes in which I got sod all from wifi_paragon my computer gained a great deal of nasty spying software I could have done without.
I went somewhere else.
In theory this will be noted by the market. In practice my fellows will sit there thinking it's not so bad, what can you expect? and who got out of bed the wrong side?

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