Wednesday, 14 March 2012

The story of my misfortunes - 4

I made a mistake in #2.
I did step over her and phone a friend, told him that she was lying on the floor, clutching her stomach, saying I had hit her.
He said "I'll be right there" -- he'd already had her on the phone at odd hours, screaming at him that his friend was a devious villain (my words)
Then I went and wrote my diary; or tried to.
At that point, she got up and phoned her friend -- described later by the chap I had phoned as responding to her like a male pekinese on heat -- saying that I had hit her; then she went back into the dining room.
My friend, who arrived first, found her in the living room, where I had left her. I let him in but didn't go into see her and hadn't been in to see her. I knew there was nothing physically wrong with her. Not that had just happened.
At the time I had thought the groaning was a bit melodramatic as we both knew, at least at the beginning, that there was nothing wrong with her. Later and now I think she was thinking her way into the role, perhaps even then wondering if she had done the right thing.
The Pekinese arrived and took her away, accompanied to the door by my friend, who stayed a while and then left too; he had his own life.
I went to work the next morning.
The Mad Woman had a different problem to me. She had said she had been beaten up.
I imagined, and subsequent testimony confirmed, that her account was so worrying no one would stand by while she said "No I can't report him".
But there was no evidence on her side apart from what she had said.
I didn't ,mean to end there; but must. I  shall continue in due course."

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