Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Fred Wigg towering idiocy

The people with missiles on top of their tower block have had their court case dismissed.
“Justice Haddon-Cave said the MoD had no duty to consult.”
I suppose that’s similar to the way that MoD assumes it has had no duty to consult for over half a century as they have made all of us targets for nuclear attack for no apparent reason.
Apparently Mr Injustice Hadron-Collider said that no conspicuous unfairness was caused by not consulting the people upon whose homes they have perched their ridiculous death machines.
So there’s some inconspicuous unfairness then.
He said: "The law and the facts militate against the claim for judicial review.”
I’ll believe him on the law. There’s a lot of it and reading it is, to me, like scooping up someone else’s vomit and chewing it. But what facts?
A bunch of fools who can’t keep to a budget and are prone to buy the wrong equipment have put offensive weapons on top of people’s homes. Someone should review that. Someone convincing.
Hadron-Collider says: "In my judgment the MoD's voluntary engagement with the community and residents in this matter were immaculate".
Immaculate is an interesting word. As is voluntary. That’s as in civil service? Service.
The BBC, from whom I took these quotes, says: “The missiles form part of a comprehensive security plan for the Olympic period, protecting key venues.”
Who says it is comprehensive? Who says it protects anything?
David Forsdick, appearing on behalf of the MoD, said the decision over where to position the missiles was taken at the "highest levels after rigorous scrutiny".
That’s highest level as in Click Negg and the Prime Mobster? Those buffoons?
“He said it was signed off by the prime minister, deputy prime minister, home secretary and defence secretary in "defence of the realm".”
Ah, the realm. This piece of shit washed over by an oil slick, this blasted piece of snotty tissue sticking to my shoes, this eyesore, this fart embodied.
“He rejected the allegation the block could become a focus of terrorism. He told the court: "The MoD, intelligence agencies and the Metropolitan Police do not consider there is any credible threat to the Fred Wigg Tower from terrorism."”
That’s the MoD, the intelligence agencies and the same Metropolitan Police who have been so right in the past.
No credible threat. We are back to the special pleading of people of faith.
“He said that view was supported by a witness statement from Dr Campbell McCafferty, head of UK counter-terrorism at the MoD.”
McCafferty, McCafferty, there’s no one like McCafferty.
I found one page on the web about Fred Wigg Tower. It carries an advertisement for warcraft. (That’s a registered trade name. People make money out of it.)
Nothing says who Fred Wigg was. Maybe he worked for the MoD

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