Thursday, 19 July 2012

NHS - no hope saloon

An item from Scilly Today, which “is the Isles of Scilly’s own daily, seven days a week, online newspaper.”

An Islander “was flown off the islands earlier this year with a suspected aneurysm.”

After tests at Treliske Hospital, in Truro it turned out he had sciatica, but was discharged in “excruciating pain” and had to make his way home. He has a place in Penzance – 25 to 35 miles away

He said he was left alone, in pain and couldn’t even stand. He rang the islands’ hospital, but they wouldn’t help as he wasn’t in the area. He was told to “get himself up to West Cornwall Hospital.” That’s in Penzance

He complained  to a health watchdog which said it was sorry but things might be better in the future. (my words)

The trust said it was sorry too; and it hoped things would be better in the future

Someone responded online: “I remember going to Treliske a while back and passing a person lying on the concrete pavement of the bus stop outside the main entrance. People were asking her if she was alright, and her response (between groaning) was that she thought she had severely damaged her back, but she was told it was only a trapped nerve and was given some painkillers and told to go home.”

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