Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Low Cogs draw attention to themselves

The Low Cogs have drawn attention to themselves, if only the people of Earth could see it. Just before the Olympics, hearing that Earthlings like water, they checked things out and found there was more than enough.
They just hadn’t understood the urgent need we have rehydrate ourselves; and so humans had to queue hours at each water fountain.
On their home planet, Low Cogs just recycle their own faeces, you see. It’s one of the ways you can spot them.
They had no idea we need so much water and were appalled at the lack of adequate supplies had – not because they are about us, but because someone might notice that we are ruled by those who spend their relaxation time in large buckets.
A Low Cog spokesperson said earlier today “We.are.aware.of.things” which is taken to mean that they are now “input operational” and they are going to arrange for more water to be available.

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