Monday, 30 July 2012

Low Cog and the empty seats

Lord Coe, peace be upon him, says, I am told, that Olympic events are packed.
Lord Coe says, I am told, that there is worry that many seats are unfilled.
I suppose this is the same as there being no jobs at the same time as it is essential that the unemployed get jobs
that this is among the richest countries in the world (let’s not go into how that came to be just now) but we have no more money
that we deplore the use of weapons of mass destruction and continue to develop our own
You’ll notice these go in pairs.
Of course we want Government to be democratic, says the Government, but we must be able to nominate some people to the upper house because of the problems of Democracy – though if it was worries about say electricity then they’d have a voluntary policy only – while the electorate can’t all see the point of voting for another party list.
Try to argue against this (as in What do you mean? “How do we get there from here?” I wouldn’t start form here) and you’ll be told “We are where we are” which means: You cannot challenge my basic and implicit assertion.
We are not allowed to say: Let’s look at this another way. Let’s look at this another way.
There is, we are told, a supply side and a demand side in the economy. We are not told, but we may infer, there is also a fantasy side and a theft side. Examine these, officially denied, and things start to get clearer.
The government says it wants transferable skills. I have a transferable skill. It is called making analogies.
I find where the money has gone more interesting than a bunch of specially bred bipeds competing with each other cheered on by a bunch of specially trained bipeds; but, by analogy, the reason there are so many empty seats is that the well-named Low Cog are incapable of getting drunk in a brewery and the Olympics is bigger than that. It’s not that Low Cog have organised it well and others have let them down. It’s that Low Cog didn’t see the blindingly obvious.
It is a part of the state religion, of which Low Cog is a temporary organ, that valuable things should be priced so that they are valued; and they give away tickets. They are calling in the troops to fill seats. If I was a soldier I’d go for it; better than being shot at and bombed; but they’d probably prefer being at home making whoopee. Who wouldn’t?
I think of the gardeners in Wonderland, painting flowers the preferred colour.
Buffoons led by buffoons.