Wednesday, 8 August 2012

for onola


thanks for your comment on my piece on Bill Lavender

I tried to reply via wordpress but it wants me to login even when I am logged in

it doesnt argue but just gives me back the empty form

i pretended that i had forgotten my password

but it just demanded my password

you may or may not have got the message but I have limited patience with a screen that's apparently as dumb as the dunghead who coded it

here's what I wanted to say

Thanks for your comments on my Fashionable Idiocies website. Ive published them
It's not my analysis; they're not my demands. I am in Greater London UK and don't know Bill Lavender; but I heard about it all via an academic discussion list and am persuaded that what I have posted is or was the case and that the man has been treated appallingly. I don't know if there is corruption behind the treatment but i suspect that personally.
I have copied all the material there which is so widely dispersed now as to be in the public domain. Do copy anything you want on Lavender and UNO -- I am glad; I put it there to spread the news
That it should cross the Atlantic a few times is just part of the fun and we need to have some fun while things are so nasty
all the best

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