Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Hypocrisy of the government

What follows is taken straight from an mailing. It needs no comment from me

Dear friends across the UK,
Education Secretary Michael Gove is selling off our school sports fields to rich
property developers at a staggering rate -- leaving a generation of British kids
with nowhere to play. But he’s overreached with his latest sell-off attempt, and
if we stand together now we can stop him.
Rather than investing in education, Gove is on the verge of approving the sale of
school fields at Elliott School in London -- the latest in a string of 21 sales
under his watch. This could turn almost half of the school’s grounds into luxury
residential apartments. But under growing community pressure, Gove is hesitating,
sending out conflicting messages about whether he approves the sell-off.
The local community is already mobilising against the sale, and a strong national
outcry supporting this opposition can force Gove to back down and save these school
fields -- sign the petition now and share with everyone you know:
Despite the Coalition's promise to halt the sale of school land and a pledge from
Cameron to prioritise school sports after the Olympics, the students at Elliott
School are only the latest victims in a series of government broken promises. This
is a government that would rather sell precious outdoor space to fund vital school
maintenance, instead of investing in education.
This time, it isn’t any ordinary school. Listed as a heritage building by the
government, English Heritage has called the school one of the finest built by the
London County Council. The government’s own heritage listing acknowledges that the
unique landscape is a key part of this heritage -- the very landscape Gove now wants
to sell off.
But with the focus on school sports during the Olympics, Gove has been coming under
increasing pressure. Despite earlier messages that Gove would approve the sale, now
David Cameron himself has personally insisted that no decision has yet been taken. A
national outcry can ensure these school fields are saved, and a line is drawn in the
sand against any future sales. Sign the petition to Gove now and share with

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