Thursday, 23 August 2012

Transport for London etc

Transport for London e-write to me about the Paralympics: "London is very much open for business and we are confident that transport will cope well, as it did during the Olympics, provided that we again get your support in changing the way or time that you travel.  "

What does it mean (rhetorical question) when it says London is open for business?

And what is the connection between the possible meaning and the transport coping?

I didn't change my way of time and travel...

I haven't used public transport for about a week and noted when I returned that nothing had changed. Trains were still running late for no announced reason. The silence on the platform was broken this morning by a demand that we stand away from a non-existent train because it was about to leave.

Employees of Diarrhea Trains return to their arboreal origins, as they swing from the branches of their boredom, pressing the occasional button as they go in case their researchers have attached a reward to it.

A train was late because another train had broken down. That too seems discontinuous, the discontinuity marking a lack of details: that they have too few trains and have taken up the sidings so that they can't go round the break downs. Oh yes, and they don't maintain the machines adequately

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