Wednesday, 15 August 2012

The success and failure of the Olympics

It would seem that the majority do not agree with me.
That's ok. The majority have tvs and watch Big Brother (2 separate oddities by my judgment.) The majority of voters voted repeatedly for Thatcher. Many I know who make a lot of noise about politics thought that something would change when Blair, the unindicted war criminal, was elected. The majority doesn't know so much.
Nevertheless, I have been surprised and dismayed by the size of that majority.
Makes me think of the way that most people were blinded in Wyndham's THE DAY OF THE TRIFFIDS because they all went outside to look at the marvels in the sky. And that makes me think of Defoe's JOURNAL OF THE PLAGUE YEAR when he nearly gets in trouble for saying that actually he can't see a giant hand clutching a sword over the city.
And I thought of all that because I heard the second and final part of Radio 4's dramatisation of THE CHRYSALIDS when someone says "The more stupid people are, the more they want everyone to be like them."
The government must be pleased to have such proof that it can con such a large proportion of the London Mob. Makes the possibility of any future war mobilisation quite feasible. Even a hunt like Jeremy Hunt could manage it. Or Lord Low Cog himself, peace be upon him.
Yes, it was expensive, but as a dress-rehearsal for the final enslavement at the end of history, you can't put a price on it; and the victims pay anyway. Much cheaper than riot control, and we're not that good at riot control.

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