Friday, 7 December 2012

Baby parrot diease link to Toxoplasmosis

New information on the psitacosis variant epidemic which is turning our children into noisy parrots.
Non-invasive observation of family groups suggests it is flowing from the mothers to the babies. (It was known that psitacpsis is related to chlamydia, but not that humans might be the carriers of the new infection. A full report will appear shortly in Nature Caffe Nero.)
I want to suggest that there is a likelihood of a connection to Toxoplasmosis or of a process similar to the effects of that disease.
Toxoplasmosis, spread in feline faeces, apparently induces wrecklessness of behaviour, usually in mice, but perhaps even in humans. The latter is rarely noted beyond the lunacy of some people with fast cars who kill themselves, rather than becoming careless prey, because of the contemporary lack of large felines able to take advantage of human suicidal tendences.
But in my Caffe Nero studies, facilitated by the greed of that company who choose never to turn away anyone with money no matter how antisocially they behave, I have noted a tendency among mothers to be delighted whenever their children make awful noises, and more delighted the more awful the sounds become. Now these noises have developed evolutionarily to be unbearable to humans; so the sudden delight in hearing them suggests morbidity.
Attempts to reason with the infected leads nowhere, they look up with glazed but angry eyes and scream such irrelevancies as “It's a baby” and “What am I supposed to do”, behaviour already legitimised by the outmanouevring by power groups of the threat democracy might have posed to them. It remains to be demonstrated if this is a function of the disease or is merely a learned self-defence mechanism.
This is not some sf story such as entertained an earlier generation, like “War of the worlds”, but a real and present threat to our potential tranquility inflicted on us by us. I say to everyone, not watch the skies, but watch the baby carriers.

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