Thursday, 13 December 2012

Watch Higher Education go down the pan

One of my colleagues works at a well-regarded university. They were part of a whistle-blowing on a senior member of staff behaving illegally and have found themselves threatened with disciplinary action.
Another colleague has been disciplined by their college for having taken time off, with agreement, as they have for many years, to carry out duties related to their teaching.
A third colleague tells me that they do not know how to complete all the tutorials required of them and that they have been told their career will be adversely affected if they do not also follow a teacher training course without any remission of hours – this third is an excellent teacher, I can personally attest, and no one has criticised their teaching: it is just nonsense dreamt up by those with management responsibility and no spine to stand up to senior management with no ideas.
Join me in watching Higher Education going down the pan

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