Tuesday, 11 December 2012


What is noticeable about the Australian hoaxers is that their primary aim seems to be to firefight the shit they are in. Saying they are sorry is part of that.
No one could have foreseen that someone would commit suicide, they say. Well, perhaps. I suspect that to them her response is incomprehensible; but then they seem to have no substance.
I see that they have offered 320000 pounds to the family. Hardly likely to cover loss of earnings for the projected rest of her working life, unless like good capitalists they count on her not earning much. And then there is the loss of her to her children, her spouse and the other members of the family. And that is just dealing with compensation.
Everyone hoaxes, says one of the slimes; but he doesn't say what, if any, conclusion he draws from that.
A manager accuses the British media of being unbalanced. Perhaps they are. I am sure they are. But what does he mean? Possibly that a story is only balanced if you attack someone else as well; that it is not fair to pick on the person responsible.
So stupid, he can't even understand the concept of fairness.
What about the hospital, he asks. What about them? Sometimes people who commit petty theft say “Shouldn't have left your stuff lying around, should you?”
The male hoaxer tells us that he is feeling bad all the time. I see. Compare that with the victim who no longer feels anything. But he is thinking of the surviving relatives, is he? Well, so he should.He seems to have few concerns. He tells us he has people paid by the company to decide his action for him.
It was unfair to compare him to cancer yesterday; diseases make their own decisions. Lower than cancer.
A few days ago another human being came running around the corner and crashed into me in the street. Instead of apologising, he cursed me. I told him what I thought of him too and he seemed to understand; but only to the point of arguing “Well I didn't know you were there, did I?”
There is more to the conversation; but it's equally stupid. You don't bother arguing with your vomit when you are ill, so I shan't bother you with that selfish creature.
The whole thing comes down to childishness, I think. Two little children in a childish company providing entertainment for presumably childish people. What they have to say comes down to “But I wanted to!” now qualified to “It's all horrible and I am really upset”
I hope deeply never to be forced to face up to all the unintentional hurt I have caused or turned a blind eye to; but I can just about admit that I have done it.

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