Thursday, 13 December 2012

Perfidious Albion

While we are considering the case of the late Mr Litvinenko, now admitted to be an MI6 employee, we may reflect upon how little we know about the state involvement in the death of Pat Finucane and the government's evident alarm that the truth should be known. But clearly the economic situation is not as bad as all that and clearly there is no justification for all the cuts because we can pay two million pounds to avoid the public knowing about our rendition of Mr al Saadi to the Gaddafi regime. It all makes me proud to be British.
But on what basis do our politicians condemn Basher Assad for attacking his own people. There seems to be a question of degree, but no more. We are, after all, all pawns in the great nuclear stand off which the fools who claim to govern us delude themselves has kept the peace

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