Monday, 1 October 2012

More email

My battle with alien invaders persists
I won't name it but some of you will know the institutional account I used to have
I still ought to have it
Unfortunately, one of its units of production either made a fundamental mistake or is covering for the one who did - or they're all stupid. Probably that one.
Unfortunately, I let this unit of production know just how invincibly ignorant I think they are
What has surprised me is that it seems everyone in the institution is scared to say anything or so it seems. I gave the fullest information to someone who has always seemed ok and they replied "I don't know anything about it". I said that they did and that was meant with silence
To hell with it
The one time I remember finding the now show at all funny was an evening when for reasons  I did not and do not understand they did bad french accents

but the line they repeated interminably was quote go and have sex with yourself in your own bottom

nowadays it has no effect upon me and I can't work out why it ever did

but I do have a desire to say it to some people

when I was losing my temper with the misnamed help desk I remembered whole swathes of Hitchhiker's Guide

particularly the section where he tries to leave a message for callers at a hotel reception whereupon they try to phone him and tell him he isn't in his room... the one thing my receptionist would not do is consider the possibility that there was anything wrong

today fighting internet explorer -- and you may well ask -- I thought there was something i still hadn't grasped

and then it camne to me

dealing with the help desk was like trying to reason with internet explorer

i decided to tell you that and tried to log in

before i did so it recognised me

when i logged in it said i had no blogs

that wasted half an hour

just now i had to publish this and then edit because it decided i had finished

... and earlier I visited a web site which google insisted is in German

I had told it before it is in English and it thanked me

but today...

there you have it, all systems and all consciousness are turning into bad software

and in order to cope people are having their brains erased so they can cope


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