Wednesday, 10 October 2012

The Tories talk sense

I regret to say it.

I feel odd saying it.

But there has been a lot of sense talked by the Tories this week.

Why should people on benefits get money when they have another child while people not on benefits have to think about it? it was asked.

I'm not sure it's that simple; nor is the question really a population policy. But it's a start.

And then Theresa May has promised us that when people behave antisocially towards us, we may choose how they are punished.

I look forward standing beneath the High St crosses of screaming neglectful parents, saying ssshhh, sssssh, what is the matter with you? sssshhh, well I'm going home then.

And David Cameron has extended the notion of what is violent to include the kind of understanding I have always had e.g. Capitalism is violent. He will allow us to use violence whenever anyone invades our space and our privacy.

This is incredibly brave of him. He keeps invading me. It's a truly Damascene conversion. I propose not to take advantage and suggest that we only inflict violence on people who try to steal from us from, say, tomorrow morning. And only to deter, of course.

I hope he means it because lies invade me and are violent acts.

It couldn't be kept up, of course, and now he's talking complete bollocks about aspiration and rising again. I'm afraid that people will believe it; and that can only lead to violent acts like denying me support for my art and charging too much for the things I need.

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