Saturday, 6 October 2012

The case for post natal abortion

I suppose that, if you are one of the rare creatures who survives the abortionist's bucket, and survives to adulthood, it isn't beyond imagination that you would have negative feelings about the process.

The more so, if you achieve high office even when it is known that such office is only achieved by brown nosing, arse licking and bull shitting. The Brown Studies, as we used to call them.

I do feel for Jeremy Hunt. To know that you were not wanted. To know that you were deliberately sent for disposal down a vacumm tube. It doesn't bear thinking about by the empathetic.

But, as I am sure thebiggest and most famous Hunt in the country would agree, sympathy must be combined with toughness when there are difficult decisions to be made.

The Hunt has damaged the arts severely and now he is going on to damage Health. That's worse. There are and perhaps always will be many bucket escapees in the Arts. The Arts do need to devour themselves a little but. Perhaps a lot. They need to be unreliable to some extent if only because the cheats and liars are so good at dissemblance. If the rules were too strict, the Arts would be become bureaucratised, as they are to a considerable extent already, and the unskilled unintelligent but persuasive curators would take over. So the only way for good curators and genuinely and interesting artists is to turn a blind eye to the occasional turd floating near the beach.

But Health must be as good as it can get. Everyone except those designated for what I might call Post Natal Abortion must be given the best treatment.

And the opinions of a half-broken foetus are not to be influential.

I don't care what his opinions are. I want arguments. And I don't want arguments based on a belief after death, personal creation -- creation of any kind -- et cetera until those are themselves proven. Saying It's my religious belief is nearly always a synonym for saying I'm a nutter.

By all means let us help those with learning difficulties. Jeremy Hunt is a case in point. Let him have the very best care for the rest of his life. But the idea that he should be able to reproduce or influence others is ridiculous. The man is not mentally viable.

The time is not right for reduction in the laws; but for their increase and strengthening. Post natal abortion is needed. All those with self-inflicted disability must be contained or preferably silenced but only under the law. They are a plague; and mine is really a modest proposal.

We do not need more babies. We do not need more fools. We do not need more opinions.