Tuesday, 9 October 2012

The death of Gideon Osborne

I've forgotten what I was going to write. I had a number of processes running with my gmail account open and this website came up with no way in. I had to wait till the processes ended and then log out of gmail; and now blogger opens.
Did someone say _restrictive practices_?
Oh yes, I know
As Joe Worker was going home from the UK Trade Fair and Labour Struggle he met the pedlar Gideon. Gideon said _Hallo Joe. How are you?_
Joe said _Do I know you?__ and Gideon said _Course you do. I'm One Nation Gideon, friend to the workers. You've got a lot of paper there. It must be heavy."
Joe said _I don't mind. It's my workers' rights_
_Oh poo,_ said Gideon, _I've got something much better. THIS piece of paper, it's called a loyalty card, entitles you to a handful of coffee beans. That'll make you rich immediately._
_What's the catch?_ asked Joe
_No catch_ said Gideon. _You give me your employment rights and I'll give you the loyalty card_
Joe thought about it for a while in what some might think was a slow way and then he said _Fuck off_ and Gideon boiled away in a rage until there was nothing left but a small malignant tumour in a puddle of vomit.

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