Wednesday, 17 October 2012

the appearance of investigative journalism

An item on R4 Todas programme on the establishment of the Israeli Ariel university on Palestinian territory – that's the Palestinian territory that the world acknowledges is Palestinian - brought variations on a theme.

In a rather elegant non sequitur, someone they'd found to defend Error Israel, there are plenty willing, started at the complaint and came out towards the end of his sentence asking how anyone could suggest that Jewish people are not associated with the area.

The interviewer did not ask him what the hell he was talking about,;probably too scared he'd be accused of being in favour of the holocaust

and another... in my own words “Why are people complaining about what we do in the occupied territories when they should be complaining about what is happening in Syria?”

The interviewer did not say that we care about that too but that maybe the problem in Syria is the same as the problem in Palestine – a few people making exceptionalist racist claims

If he had, there might have been a scream: you see! everyone hates us

and so it continues.


and later Lord Freud – just say that to yourself (Lord... Freud...) and feel the absurdity in your veins

Lord Freud assured as or seemed to that transitional arrangements for malingerers like the disabled would just go on and on

That's why they're called transitional I suppose

But of course the interviewer didn't ask about that

I mean, he is a Lord


I wonder how Jimmy Savile got away with it

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